Zenshōsen Judo                                                           (Zenshōsen = 前哨戦 = Battle)


An advanced-level syllabus from the Kenshindoryu, available to Wadoryu, Judo and Jujutsu Dan grades only, examining some of the roots and principles of judo with techniques based around various styles of koryu jujutsu, including Kito Ryu, Tenjin Shinyo Ryu & Yoshin Ryu and their derivatives. Ranks take the underlying Dan grade and add the Zenshōsen Judo grade; eg. 3rd Dan; Shoden Mokuroku.

Delivered in three catalogue levels, Shoden, Chuden and Okuden Mokuroku, the first catalogue demonstrates kuzushi taken from Shindo yoshin ryu and kyusho from Tenshin shinyo ryu. The chuden mokuroku examines principles, kata and techniques based on Shindo yoshin ryu and Tenjin shinyo ryu in more detail, whilst the Okuden level looks at the Kito ryu and Yoshin ryu.

Courses and Study Groups

The techniques of the various kata can be taught initially in courses and studied at leisure, where they continually provide new insights and opportunity. Formal assessments are carried out by Kenshindoryu officials bsed, not only, on competency in the technique, but understanding and application of the principles

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