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The International 'Gentle-Arts' Society 


'Ju' in Japanese means 'gentle' or 'yielding'  and the International Gentle-Arts Society is an organisation dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Japanese-style Ju-do and Ju-jitsu. A group for all exponents of the 'gentle ways'  training in a traditional, non-sport, manner


Membership is not restricted to Koryu arts, and modern 'goshin-jutsu' clubs are welcome, where they operate in a traditional manner.


The Society does not interfere with member clubs but offers support and access to high-grade instructors for tuition and grading assistance. Traditional Judo UK , The Zen Judo Family & Kenshindoryu are proud to be founder members of the Society, which counts BKJJF and Learn Ju-Do among its associate group members.



Our expectation of a Traditional Japanese style of training is that techniques are described  using accepted Japanese terminology, participants wear a dogi  and that a kyu/dan grade syllabus of appropriate standard is in place.


Clubs should be operated in a disciplined manner with the primary aim of martial efficacy or individual improvement.



Traditional Judo clubs exist in a number of guises, from those concentrating on Judo as an effective method of self-defence, to those that focus on perfection of technique.


However, all have one thing in common, which is that competitive success is not the ultimate goal or primary method of achieving promotions.



Clubs teaching Jujitsu cover a multitude of techniques and skills, both empty-handed and with weapons. Clubs in membership show a wide range of bias in their syllabus, from vital-point techniques, through the essential throwing and locking expected of jujitsu and on to bo, jo and sword techniques.


Membership of the Society is available to qualifying associations and clubs FREE OF CHARGE. Members will gain access to a range of optional benefits, from full licencing & insurance to access to courses and instructors.