Shihan Jim Dart





The association Chief Instructor is Sensei Jim Dart, who has been involved in the martial arts for over 40 years. He has previously held positions as Headmaster of the International Society of Traditional Judo for England and General Secretary of the Wado Kai England Karate-do Federation, where he was a member of the Technical Committee.


Following many years of training, gaining Dan grades in Karate, Zen Judo and Jujutsu, Jim established the Kenshindoryu style of Jujutsu Kempo in 1994 in an effort to redress what he saw as an imbalance in the existing major associations’ emphasis in training, which he perceived as concentrating on the throwing and locking elements of Jujutsu, to the detriment of the striking techniques. With this in mind, he trained with leading exponents of  ‘pressure-point’ striking and grappling arts and incorporated additional techniques from western and Thai boxing. The study of vital points was also translated back through the karate clubs into the Karate ohyo kata (applications).


After leaving the Zen Judo Family, following the death of his Sensei, Dominick McCarthy Shihan (8th Dan), Jim came across the International Society of Traditional Judo (ISTJ) style of Combat Judo, which already included these techniques, and he felt that by joining them, the circular aspect to his training would be completed, although ongoing study of the Japanese Sword Arts and historical koryu Jujutsu continues to expand the circle further. KDR Combat Judo now incorporates pressure-point or ‘reversionary’ applications to the majority of throws in the syllabus, but remains distinctly different from Jujutsu in its methodology whilst the Zenshosen Judo syllabus, which is a study of the jujutsu roots of Kodokan Judo, adds training in koryu Jujutsu techniques and strategies shared by Judo and Wado Ryu.


Jim has had the good fortune and honour to receive instruction under renowned martial arts masters who are specialists in their respective fields. Including:

Wadoryu Karate under Masters Suzuki T. 8th Dan, Shiomitsu M. 8th Dan, Shinohara Y. 8th Dan (all of whom were direct students of the founder, Otsuka H. Meijin)

Zen Judo under the founder, Master Dominick McCarthy, 8th Dan

Small Circle Jujitsu with the founder, Master Wally Jay, 10th Dan

Kyusho Jutsu with Master George Dillman

Shinkendo under the founder, Toshishiro Obata Kaiso and UK Shibucho, Byron Shepherd


Other credentials and experience include:

  • Author of 'Wado Ryu Kata Bunkai', Wado Ryu Ohyo Kata - Pinan, Wado Ryu Ohyo Kata - Intermediate, KDR Combat Judo
  • Currently General Secretary, International Gentle Arts Society (2010 -  )
  • General secretary Wadokai England Karate-do Federation (2001-2002)
  • Headmaster (Eng) International Society of Traditional Judo (1998-2002)
  • Chief Instructor Kenshindoryu Nippon Budo Kyokai
  • Awarded 'Shihan' title 2015 and 'Renshi' 2017 by Shinohara Y 8th Dan
  • Awarded 'Kenshuin' Instructor grade Shinkendo by Obata T Kaiso 2012
  • Sensei Dart’s current grades include a combined total of over 30 Dan (black belt) rankings;
    • 6th Dan Wadoryu Karate
    • 7th Dan Karate-do (IMAO) - Member of Honour
    • 6th Dan KDR Traditional Judo
    • 6th Dan Kenshindoryu Jujutsu Kempo
    • 5th Dan Kano Ryu
    • 4th Dan ISTJ Combat Judo
    • 4th Dan Nihon-ryu Jujutsu
    • 4th Dan Zen Judo (ZJF and BZJFA)
    • 1st Dan Toyamaryu Battojutsu (Kokusai Toyama Ryu Renmei)

Jim Dart receiving 6th Dan Wado Ryu from Shinohara Sensei, 8th Dan