Kenshindoryu Kenjutsu 


The Katana, or Samurai sword, traditionally holds great fascination for those who study the Japanese Budo arts, but practice of the sword 'ways' is fragmented. Kendo being a competitive combat sport using bamboo 'swords' (shinai), Iaido concentrating on drawing the sword, Battojutsu promoting tameshigiri (cutting), and so on. Kenshindoryu Kenjutsu is based around the comparatively young sword art of Toyama Ryu Battojutsu, which was taught to the Japanese Army and has a 'simplified battle method' which means that all techniques are taught from a standing position


We practice the following exercises in use of the Katana:


Kihon Suburi – Basic Sword Swinging Drills

Iai Batto – Combative drawing & cutting methods

Kata – Solo Forms

Tachiuchi – Sparring

Tameshigiri – Cutting straw or bamboo targets


As well as the knife and sword-defence techniques from Wadoryu and Shindo Yoshinryu jujitsu



Sword training is of particular benefit to practitioners of Wado Karate and Jujitsu, encompassing the strategy, movement and evasion techniques in both of these arts.


We conduct training sessions every Friday at 6.30pm, immediately before our Wadoryu Karate session, with the first lesson free.